Vacation Morning

It’s 4 am and i’m eating breakfast and soon I’ll exercise..that’s dedication huh? 

We’re going to hit the road around 6. My nerves are a nervous wreck!

Please all, pray for us to have safe travels and a safe vacation while were in Canada. We will not be taking a phone on the road. We’ll be back home on the 21st! which is our 3 year anniversary <3 3 years already? my oh my!

I wanted to say by to my mom

In person but all she gave me was a phone call.…

Pray for us

For a safe travel and a safe vacation. Thanks!

Vacation will go on!

It’s the day before our vacation

And I’m a wreck. The car rental is giving us a problem.

Vacation may not be happening.

Wooo 😒

"I have so much of you in my heart."
John Keats, July 10, 1819 (via loveyourchaos)

My Dad

cant believe that Arie and I have been married for 3 years. In his words

"You must be putting it down on him real good. That’s what your mom did to me"

(-_-) gross dad…you’re disgusting. 

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